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In Northeast Alabama one name comes to mind concerning pest control for commercial businesses and residential homes in the area, and that’s Southland Pest Control. We are locally owned and operated, possessing all necessary credentials such as; licensing, insurance and certifications to give our valued customers superior pest control services. We combine our skills and expertise with exclusive professional grade equipment and products to perfect our methods and techniques in pest control. Included in our pest control service line up is termite control.

Common Species of Termites

Termites can inflict any structure, commercial business or residential home throughout Northeast Alabama. There are thousands of species of termites, but they are generally categorized in one of the following; wet or damp wood, dry wood, or subterranean. The two most common subterranean termite species are Formosan and Eastern. Formosan and Eastern subterranean termites are responsible for most of the damage inflicting buildings throughout Northeast Alabama.

Termite Swarmers Season

Termites are active all year long, consuming wood as they go. They generally seem more active between the tail end of spring and towards mid-late summer. Depending on the species, they will be more active through the evening or daylight hours. They appear more active during this time of year because the swarmers, or reproductive termites, go looking to begin a new colony after leaving a well established one. Swarmers are equipped with wings as they explore favorable grounds, and once they found where they want to be, the wings will shed, and a new colony will begin to transform.

Formosan & Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites nest within the soil, and often gain entry from anywhere that your home’s wooden structure materials meet with the soil. Building mud tubes to reach higher areas, subterranean termites will consume all the wood it can before they are stopped. With termites being tiny, they can often go unnoticed, and it’s not until the swarmers begin to extend out, do people realize their presence. Unfortunately, by this time, you likely already have a termite infestation as they do not go too far from the original colony and the original colony is well established, generally taking 7 years.

Signs you have a termite infestation include:
– Mud-like tubing stretching up from the ground to the ceiling, usually along a wall.
– Termites usually devour and excavate within the wood, leaving the exterior looking thin and brittle.
– Swarmers appear to be flying ants, which s previously mentioned are out to begin new colonies.
– Piles of wings, left behind by swarmers that have found a new home.
– Tiny holes or buckling paint.

Common places to search if you suspect termites:
– Wood structures in basement or crawl spaces.
– Sills, sub floors, joists, support posts, supporting piers, basement window frames, and wood under porches.
– Anywhere that concrete meets, wood construction, porches, steps, or slabs.
– Hollow blocks, cracks on cement or brick materials and expansion joints
– Exterior scrap wood; stumps, decrepit fences designed out of wood, exterior basement window frames.

Termite Control in Scottsboro, Fort Payne, Rainsville, Gadsden, Madison & NE Alabama

If you suspect termites on your Northeast Alabama residential home or commercial business, contact the leading experts at Southland Pest Control to properly exterminate termite infestations effectively.

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