Ant Control

In Northeast Alabama, Southland Pest Control has been providing pest control services to the local commercial businesses and residential homes. Our business and technicians are all fully licensed and insured. Safe Solution Plus professional have had advanced training, years of experience and top in the field to present proper solutions to our valued customer’s individual needs. We take full advantage of professional grade products and equipment, and combined with our experience and expertise, we give superior pest control results. Included in our pest control services is ant control.

Ant Species Identification

Common ants known to terrorize Northeast Alabama commercial businesses and residential homes are Black Imported Fire Ants, Red Imported Fire Ants, Native Fire Ants, Crazy Ants, and Carpenter Ants. Where there are obviously other species in Alabama, the previously mentioned species are merely the most common.

Black Imported Fire Ants: When these guys bite, you feel the nasty sting, which also manifests an ugly mound. This ant once originated from South America, and was introduced in 1918. They are fairly large and obviously black in color.

Red Imported Fire Ants: They too can build incredible mounds, and often find their way into appliances like air conditioners and then ensue quite a bit of damage. Shortly after black fire ants made themselves known, the red fire ant was soon to follow. They are reddish in color and are comparatively large.

Native Fire Ants: The native red ants are smaller than the imported brethren, and their bites do sting. They are small and can be black or red.

Crazy Ants: These wild critters are battling for domination with the native fire ants, and as their name suggests, these ants are quite crazy. These ants do not sting, and are yellow, light brown and shiny. They will frequently infiltrate your home or business in the quest for food.

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants are just as destructive as termites, but they do not eat the wood, just tunnel threw it. Attracted to moist woods for easy traversing and forging nests, black ants generally tend to stick outdoors, but will just as easily come into your home. When carpenter ants are present, you can frequently find shavings of wood piled up, looking like sawdust, amongst carcass remnants.

Ant Prevention

Ants that come into your home are often in search of food, most ants consume, sweets, starches and meats. Keeping on top of spills and cleaning food crumbs and cooking messes can help keep ants outside. Keep your food in well stored, sealable containers as well as pet food.

Ant Control in Scottsboro, Fort Payne, Rainsville, Gadsden, Madison & NE Alabama

If you find an assortment of ant species or just one infiltrating your home or yard, look to Southland Pest Control for your ant control services. With our experience and expertise, we can exterminate ant infestations. With our routinely scheduled maintenance services, we can greatly minimize if not prevent ants from gaining entry into your commercial business or residential home in Northeast Alabama. Call us today to schedule your appointment. Be sure to store our contact information in your phone for quick and convenient scheduling.

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