One of the biggest concerns that home and business owners face is the inevitability that insects, rodents and other pests will infest their property. Pest control can be a challenge for property owners that lack the expertise to take care of pest infestations. That’s why home and business owners in NE Alabama and the surrounding areas count on the experts at Southland Pest Control; our experienced and trained technicians know how to eliminate the various pests faced by Alabama residents and business owners. Our skilled pest control specialists and technicians will arrive at your home or business and thoroughly inspect your property for common pest infestations such as spiders, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, stinging insects, termites and rodents and the customize a plan to remove your current pest problems and prevent future infestations from occurring.

Professional Pest Control Inspection in NE Alabama and the Surrounding Area

At Southland Pest Control, we understand that in order to implement an effective method of pest control for your home or business’s specific needs, it is imperative that one of our pest control specialists inspect your property to determine what type of pests are threatening your home or business. Some insects can be challenging to exterminate because they can be difficult to locate to begin with. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your home or business to locate pest problems before recommending a customized pest control service to professionally exterminate and manage your pest problems.

At Southland Pest Control We Believe that Pest Exclusion is Just as Important as Pest Removal!

At Southland Pest Control, our professional pest control specialists will create a customized plan to manage your pest control needs to prevent pests from returning to your home or business. Our technicians understand that each customer is confronted with various pest control issues and concerns. Our goal is to provide our customers with technologically advanced methods of pest management including inspection, extermination and exclusion for residential and commercial pest control.

Our pest control specialists understand the importance of effective pest control managment and the necessity of having continuous treatments throughout the year. Our pest control solutions are environmentally friendly and designed to naturally break down over time. We proudly provide flexible treatment options for your complete convenience. Repeat treatments are designed to disrupt the breeding cycle of pests and remove the infestations for good!

Premium Insulation and Crawl Space Clean Up and Repair in NE Alabama and the Surrounding Area

At Southland Pest Control, our skilled and educated technicians specialize in drywall cracks, uneven floors and foul odor removal in crawl spaces and attics. We offer full service insulation solutions using high quality materials along with customized care to transform your crawl space into a clean, dry and energy-efficient area.

Attic and Crawl Space Repair and Restoration in NE Alabama and the Surrounding Area

At Southland Pest Control we understand that having the proper amount of attic and crawl space insulation is not only energy-efficient, it can also prevent pest infestation. We utilize an integrated approach combining insulation services with pest and rodent control. Moisture, pests and material decay can occur over a period of time and insulation can become less effective. Insulation repair, by our experienced insulation specialists can ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible.

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